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10 Episodes of Wildlife Photography Q&A Videos

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The internet and social media has changed the way share information, learn and grow as photographers.

Looking back to when I started my own photographic journey I would have loved to have access to the vast amount of information, ideas and inspiration available today.  Back then the knowledge and ‘tricks’ was very much the domain of a privileged few who were more focused on their own photography and guarding these ‘secrets’ rather than sharing and building a community of people who all share the same passion.

At Wild Eye one of our goals is to change the way you see the world – both from a travel and photography point of view – and from the outset our aim was to create a community of people who share our passion for photography and the great outdoors.

Towards the end of last year I was browsing through some of the YouTube channels that I follow on a regular basis when the idea hit me.

Fast forward almost three months and I have just this morning wrapped up Episode 13 of a video series in which I answer YOUR wildlife photography questions.

YouTube - Wildlife Photography Q&A

Quite honestly I was a little bit nervous when I put out the request for questions on my Instagram feed but the response was phenomenal and now, more than 50 answers later, the questions are still streaming in.

If you have not yet checked out the videos yet you can check them out here but for now here is a summary of the questions that was asked in the first 10 episodes.   For ease of use you can link to the specific episode by clicking on the episode number and you can then jump the specific Q&A  you would like to see by clicking on the timestamps in the description below the video.

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It has been a great to see all the questions that people have and to, in some cases, dig quite deep to find an answer.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and go and check it out!

Episode 1

  • What gear do I use and is it a dream job?
  • How to get involved in the photographic photography guising industry?
  • How to hide your presence from animals? Does their behavior change?
  • Instagram and building a social media following as a wildlife photographer.

Episode 2

  • Lens recommendations for enthusiasts
  • How do you choose a winner?
  • What does it feel like being charged by a big cat?
  • Tips for shooting with your iPhone.
  • Where and when is the best time to see lion, leopard and cheetah?

Episode 3

  • What is your favourite place to take pictures?
  • What did you do to get where you are today?
  • When talking about wildlife photography, what is wildlife??

Episode 4

  • Aperture priority or manual mode for wildlife photography?
  • Enlarging images and best post processing software for wildlife photography.
  • Where to view the small cats and is the the Great Migration experience still worth it?
  • Shooting advice when using a long lens like a 400mm f/2.8.
  • How to get the most out of a digital compact camera.
  • What I want for my birthday.

Episode 5

  • What qualities do you look for in a local guide?
  • Should you remove obstructions from your wildlife images during post processing?
  • Do you ever approach a destination with a shot list in mind?
  • At what point can you consider yourself a ‘photographer’?
  • What can you expect from the Big Cats & Tuskers photo safari?

Episode 6

  • How do you make sure photographers are learning and gaining knowledge on a photo safari?
  • What is your preference between a prime and zoom telephoto lens for wildlife photography? Why?
  • Could you do a segment post processing showing your before and after images for when posting online?
  • How do you pick a personal winner?
  • Do you think there seems to be so few females in the wildlife photography field?

Episode 7

  • Will a full frame camera help me get better images with less noise?
  • Great conservation safari experiences and what does rhino skin feel like?
  • Would an education in animal behaviour be of value for the field of wildlife photography?
  • What is the difference between national and private reserves?
  • How do get black details in wildlife images?
  • How to get sharp images in wildlife photography.

Episode 8

  • Is it better to have a high end camera body and 1 lens or a mid-range body and 3 or 4 lenses for wildlife photography?
  • What are the signs in your photographic journey that you should look for that indicate you have outgrown your kit?
  • As wildlife photographers, is it our duty to help conserve the wildlife that we are photographing?
  • How can we as photographers experience the wild without causing harm to the natural inhabitants of the areas we visit?
  • When do you plan on expanding to the USA? And where?

Episode 9 – The Kenya Episode

  • Do most people take tripods on safari?
  • Gratuities for lodge staff. How does it work and what currencies can I pay in?
  • Do you have any recommendations for weight / height of luggage and camera bags?
  • Do you help plan / suggest International flights?
  • What are the temperatures like in February? What clothing would you recommend?
  • How do you charge batteries out in the field? Should I bring more than one?
  • Would a 75-300mm and 200-500mm lens be good enough? Do you suggest more lenses?

Episode 10

  • Andrew, what do you really think of S’mores?
  • What would your itinerary be for a self drive photo safari in South Africa?
  • With regards to unethical wildlife activities in certain countries, would you rather try and change behaviour by boycots / sanctions or support the people who are doing the right thing?
  • Where and how can I create a Facebook photography page?
  • Can you explain what happens in real life when I use tele-extenders?
  • Please discuss shadowy / contrasty images both from a shooting and post processing point of view.
  • Do you use back button focus? Any tips?
  • Do you use Auto ISO or do you always choose ISO yourself?

There you go!  A whole lot of questions and answers to keep you busy.

As mentioned earlier on we are already up to Episode 13, which is a dedicated Lightroom episode, and you can check these out on our YouTube channel.

But wait, there’s more…

I haver already received a number of questions that I will be answering in upcoming episodes but I need more.   I need you to leave a comment below with YOUR wildlife photography related questions.  Anything, absolutely anything, to do with wildlife photography goes so fire away!

I have been loving the experience of creating these videos and to thinking about wildlife photography in a constructive way and look forward to doing a few more of these videos.  Sharing info like this is a great way to learn, get inspired and think about – something I value a great deal in photography – about our craft.

A few years ago we could not do this.  I’m very glad that things have changed!

If you know of any of your friends or family who might find value in these videos or who might have a question please take a few seconds and share it with them using the links below.

Share these videos!

Until next time!

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