10 Images from the Great Migration but not a beast to be found…

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Yip, the Great Migration is in full swing and Gerry and Johan are wrapping up week 2 of 8 back to back Great Migration Safaris for the 2016 season.

As in previous years the sightings have not disappointed our guests and already the feedback on the Wild Eye Mara camp and their experiences has been phenomenal. You can follow all the action by checking out this page (which contains a special deal on all 2017 bookings made before 1 October) and following #WEMigration on Instagram.

Whilst the migratory herds dominate the experience, there is so much more to see and photograph in the Mara so I thought I’d share 10 images where there is not a single wildebeest to be found.

Nope, not even in the background.












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