16 Moments lost without the Canon Powershot G16

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In a world where almost anyone with a smart phone can capture an image you’ve got to wonder about the future of the compact cameras. Well at least I did until I was given a Canon Powershot G16 after my involvement in the recent “Power to your next step” roadshows here in South Africa.

Now I’m pretty comfortable shooting on the top end Canon DSLR range but still found myself snapping certain moments which either didn’t warrant the use of the big guns, or presented themselves when I didn’t have a camera with me.

The iPhone is great for these sort of moments but, the G16 is even better!

Features I like most on the Powershot G16

  • the ability to share JPEGS to my iPhone via WiFi (so cool!) which I then share on Instagram
  • The ability to print wirelessly to a WiFi enabled printer
  • the ability to shoot in RAW and JPEG
  • full HD video with some amazing stabilisation!
  • Digest Movies (records 4 second video clips before each image)
  • full Manual controls over and above AV & TV modes
  • creative picture Styles
  • in camera HDR
  • custom flash settings – including exposure and second curtain sync
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Check out these 16 images captured in different circumstances with which, without the Canon Powershot G16, I would never have captured.


Both of these images were taken during a recent wildlife photography course which I hosted in the Nambiti private game Reserve. Rather than shooting off of a DSLR I thought I would use the G16 to capture the weekend form a different perspective and focus entirely on the guests learning experience.

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-6

Macro Photography

I have been really impressed with both the minimum focussing distance and macro function on the G16. The shallow depth of field in this mode can make for some really interesting shots and this is something I will definitely be playing around with in future.

This should also give you an idea of the versatility of this camera. The previous images of wildlife require a very different setup to a macro shot of salt crystals at Lake Natron or a mooring chain on the Chobe!

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-11

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-16

From the Air

So you’ve booked a window seat. Are you really going to be that person that makes the other passengers shift around in their seats so that you can dig out your massive DSLR and snap away through the window? Not me i’m afraid. The G16 is compact enough to keep in the seat pocket in front of you and still delivers awesome RAW images!

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye

In Transit

Again, you don’t want to be “Tommy Tourist” with you DSLR at the departure lounge but surely a scene like this warrants an image or two? Again, this compact little powerhouse proved to be the perfect tool for the job.

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-14

On the Move

There are so many things I’ve driven past which I wish I had been able to photograph. This usually means that you have to stop and annoy the entire group that you are with, or that you’ve missed your opportunity by the time you’ve hauled out your camera. The G16 came in handy in for these first three images, both of which were taken in a moving vehicle.

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-10

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-15

This third image was taken during a walk on our South Rift Valley safari.

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-12

Why is this image below the “on the move” category you might ask?

Well I certainly didn’t want to hang around on the pack ice for too long so I was most definitely on the move!

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-2

On the Sly

In this first image, the museum in Svalbard didn’t allow flash photography so I just cranked up the ISO on the G16 and was able to get some cool documentary type shots of the exhibits without imposing on the rest of the visitors.

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-3

In this second image I didn’t want to disturb the other guests seated around the campfire so I canned the flash and opted for a slow shutter speed and twisted the camera during the exposure. Thats another beautiful thing about the G16, you can take control over your shutter speed, aperture, ISO and flash settings pretty much like you can on a DSLR.

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-5

The Night Sky

This really blew me away. The camera actually has a setting for capturing star trails but even if you ban it into manual mode, choose to manually focus to infinity, dial in your desired aperture and shutter speed, this is what you get!

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8

Throw in a bit of ambient light and you’ll blow your friends away!

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-7

The Inevitable Selfie

I’m not the greatest fan of this whole selfie trend but I do like to capture those special moments which would otherwise be lost.

Like driving through the remote south rift valley in a Toyota Landcruiser with Diesel the dog happily perched on my lap…

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-13

Or sharing a laugh with a great friend in a hotel lift in Oslo after spending 10 days cruising the frigid Arctic waters of Svalbard….

Canon Powershot G16 Andrew Beck Wild Eye-4

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to be getting rid of any DSLR cameras for a very long time but this little G16 allows me to capture those random moments in time which would otherwise have been lost forever.

Its a great tool for capturing the more candid and behind the scenes moments of my safaris and life in general.

An iPhone is handy but this allows me to apply my photographic skills in a manner with which I am most familiar, allows me to be more creative, and also allows me to shoot in Raw & JPEG at the same time. Suddenly JPEGS can be shared via WiFi to my phone where I can load them onto Instagram and still have a high res RAW file which could potentially be used for marketing purposes.

Or perhaps for a blog post like this.

In short, I love this little camera!

Andrew Beck

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