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His name is Andrew but you probably know him as Badger.

Having just returned from two fantastic Wild Eye photo safaris to the Timbavati and Chobe, Andrew Aveley takes some time out to complete the 20 questions we have been asking our Ambassadors to see what makes them tick.  Penny, Mark and Morkel have already shared their answers with us and the rest of the team will be doing the same in the next week or so.


Here goes with Badger’s answers to the our 20 questions.

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1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Expressive, honest and sometimes a bit touched.

2. Describe the moment when you realized – I love photography.

I have always had a passion for it but to give it a defining moment would have to be the day when it made sense, technically speaking. The exact time was 16h30, Thursday 10 July 2010 standing on the exposed rocks at the world best point break, Super Tubes in J-Bay capturing a classic wave punt (like a big air)  by a great surfer, Dean Morrison.

 3. Describe your personal photographic style.

By definition, style indicates a manner of doing something so for me it would have to be one of being continually creative and looking for moments or scenes that can portray and message or feeling. It may not appeal to all but for me it is unique and that makes it work.

 4.  What animal do you find the most difficult to photograph? Why?

Besides the ones we don’t see often or at all (pangolin /badger/aardvark) I would say impala.

 5.  Photographically speaking, what motivates you?

Being with like minded people whom I consider friends. The time spent searching for incredible natural scene’s that can be found all over Southern Africa.

 6.  What doesn’t?

When I am not in personal ‘happy place’ to capture images and the moment needs to be forced.

 7.  Share your single best photographic moment ever.

This cant be done.  It would mean that I have already experienced it and it wont happen again. So no more search for the epic …

 8. Do you set photographic goals for yourself?

In a manner of speaking yes. It relates more to getting new, different points of view or perspective of subjects from my own point of view. I would also add that having fun and enjoying the process would be a top priority.

9. If you had to cast Nikon and Canon as characters in a movie, who would play them?

In any movie there is always only 1 lead actor and a understudy.  As long as its a good movie with quality production, it will them be Canon to stardom.

10. Describe digital noise as you would to an 8 year old.

If you look at a bright light too long and close your eyes you will see spots, and then after a few moments they go away and don’t effect what you see.

11. What is your favorite wildlife photography coffee table book?

I have a small library of books that inspire me so no clear favorite.  But for Wild Life Hannes Lochner, Hiendrich van den Berg, Richard du Toit and Frans Lanting are ones that spring to mind.  Another special book is one done by the late John Hone  ‘Encounters with the Dragon’ which shows the Drakensburg in a magic way.

 12.  If you could choose anywhere outside of Africa to travel to – where would you go and why?

  • Iceland for Aurora Borealis and Landscapes
  • Himalayas for landscapes and people portraits
  • The Alps in summer
  • Anywhere to capture Killer Whales in the wild
  • Antarctica… for everything it represents
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I could go on as I have a big bucket list!

13. Tell us something that we would not be able to tell about you by looking through your Facebook page.

I have a two real day jobs. Oh and also love many other genres of photography.

14. Share 5 of your hobbies / interests outside of photography.

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Collecting and listening to non main stream music
  • Braai and Beer
  • Chilling
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15.  Name four famous people – dead or alive – you would like to take on a photo safari. And why?

  • Nick Brandt – He is monochromatic photography of the 20th century. His work and conservation efforts are a great inspiration and to learn even one thing from him would inspire me for a life time.
  • Dita von Teese –  Every safari needs some class and why not have the queen of burlesque as one of my guests. When things are a bit slow in the bush, why not do some location work.
  • Eddie Vedder – Just because he can share his magic through sound and words.
  • Dalai lama – Not for religious reasons but to learn from his teachings. To find inner peace and see the world in a calm and rational manner.
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16.  If we hit play on your iPod right now, what song would play?

Its on random so it could be anything… Sixto Rodriguez, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Johny Cash, Awolnation, Eddie Vedder, Kings of Leon, Jack Johnson or even Jack Parrow.

17.  What is your favorite restaurant?

Living in Knysna that is not really something one can have, BUT if you have never visited East Head Café – you are missing out. Generally I enjoy quality food.

18.  What is the last book that you read?

The series of “Spud” by John van de Ruit (and various photography books).

19.  Share your favorite motivational quote.

“There is always a moment which makes you reflect and look back at life. Photography is no different for me. All it takes is one frame and when I am doing what I love, at that moment I am truly free, a moment to think about life and enjoy the small gifts, the true meaning of friendship, nature,  family and why life is worth living.  Peace and light”

20.  Without using Google, what do you think this swahili phrase means? “Gari langu linaloangma limejaa na mikunga”

The search for the epic cold one continues.

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Make sure to check back tomorrow when you can learn more about Marlon du Toit as he answers our 20 questions!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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