5 iPhone Images from a Quick Safari

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On our way back from the 2013 Indaba Travel Show Andrew, Jono and myself stopped over for a quick visit to a lodge which will soon be included as a great new destination for our Wildlife Photography course.

It’s always great being out in the bush and even though this was not a photographic trip we did of course take a camera or two along.

Truth be told I only shot 12 frames on the Nikon D700 I had with me.  We had pretty cool sightings and I made a point of shooting almost exclusively with my iPhone.

You see, normally iPhones are used for grab shots like this.


Andrew caught Jono and I getting very cold on the back of the game viewer during our morning drive.


Nothing quite like a coffee stop in the bush and an iPhone is great for capturing these moments.

There is however a whole lot more you can do with your iPhone when you are out on safari.

By applying some basic compositional principles and understanding how light works you can not only get those great gram shots but also create some very decent images!

These five images were all taken with my iPhone during our one night stay in the Nambiti Game Reserve.  Most of them got a quick working over on my iPhone in Snapseed and then I ran them through Lightroom like I would for any of my normal images.






People get too stuck up on gear and very seldomly, if ever, does the increase in image quality and impact match the massive price tag that it comes with.

Play around with whatever camera you have, even if it only an iPhone or small point and shoot.

Try different things, shoot with one hand, make mistakes.  It’s all part of having photographic fun and you know what?  You’ll learn something in the process as well!

I love my iPhone and keeping it simple.

Makes you appreciate the simplicity of creating images.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Timothy Griesel

    Have you ever tried using a blackberry curves camera? Absolutely shocking. But if the moment is right, and its all you have then use it, better to have some reference then just a memory.

    Have you seen what the iPhonography guys are doing? Its getting quite spectacular especially cause you can now buy lenses for your iPhone.


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