5 photos from #Seminar2015

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If you’ve been following the Wild Eye team, then by now you’ve probably heard of the Wild Eye Wildlife Photography Seminar…

Held for the first time in 2015, it was a smashing success and our guests were treated to a week of great photography, ample inspiration, prolific hands-on teaching and tuition, and an overall great time. The Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge proved to be a great choice of venue, with wonderful guides, mouth-watering cuisine and luxurious accomodation – not to mention the conference venue which formed the axis of all the various presentations and mini-workshops presented at times when we were not driving around in the bush looking for interesting photographic opportunities.

This year, we are doing it again – twice.

If you’ve been looking for a great opportunity to meet and engage with and learn from the Wild Eye team, while building some solid photos into your portfolio and getting to know other like-minded photographers, then be sure to clear your schedule in April or November.

More details can be found HERE.

For now, I’m leaving you with 5 images captured during #Seminar2015.

I personally can’t wait for #Seminar2016! Hopefully we’ll see some of you guys there!


Trunks up! An elephant calf smells us out…


African Harrier Hawk hunting bats in the bark of a tree…


King of the Night


Leopard Lookout


Hyaena Cuteness

Until next time!

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