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Yes, photographic safaris are about getting great images but there’s so much more to it than the industry leads you to believe.

It’s about sharing magical experiences, amazing photographic opportunities and laughter.  Lots of laughter.

It’s about soaking up the essence of an area with new friends and leaving the trip not only with great images but memories that will last a lifetime.  It’s about changing the way you see the world.

As a photographic guides it is my, and the other Wild Eye Ambassador’s, privilege to show the beauty of an area to our guests and assist and inspire wherever we can so that THEY get the shots.  Yes, we go there with a photographic mind and eye but the shots we get are a bonus.  We do not go on trips to create award winning images or shoot for ourselves but rather to inspire, teach and guide our guests in order for them to leave with great images and newfound techniques and photographic ideas.

Because of the above approach we had, sometimes on the same trips, professional photographers and non-photographers and it worked out perfectly.  Everyone had a great time, everybody got truly incredible images or, in the case of non-photographers, had some of the best game viewing experiences of their lives.

To give you an idea, we received the following feedback from a hardcore wildlife photographer:

“Thanks to the Wild Eye team for a fabulous, professional and well organised wildlife photographic safari in the Mara Triangle, Kenya. Wild Eye photographic expeditions are highly recommended to anyone wishing to experience the ultimate in wildlife photography!”  ~ Andre

And then this from a non-photographer, who did not take one single images the entire 9 days, who was on the same trip:

“We had the absolute best 9 days of our life on our Wild Eye photographic safari to the Masai Mara- I get tearful just thinking about it! The people are amazing and could not do enough to ensure complete satisfaction. The guides are fanatastic, the camp is lovely and the Masai working in the camp are nothing short of amazing. What is said is true – take all the game you’ve ever seen and you’ll see more in your first day in the Mara. Simply stunning – cannot recommend this experience highly enough.” ~ Cindy

I believe 100% that it is the moments during a trip that make it work and that is how this blog post started taking shape.

During our 8 safaris in the Mara this year we shared incredible moments with our guests and these moments were not lost on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Every single day people were taking images with their iPhones to share with their friends, families and online followers – a great way to share your experiences!

Through a collection of iPhone images – some straight from the phone and other with a bit of Snapseed or Instagram filters applied – you will get an idea of some of the moments we shared during our season.

All of these images were taken by guests and the Wild Eye Ambassadors during their respective safaris so, without any further ado I give you…

99 Mara Moments from our 2013 Safari Season

There you go…

And that is literally just scratching the surface of the magical moments we shared with our guests during the 2013 Great Migration Season.

Thanks to everybody for sharing there images.  If you want to check out more moments from our Mara season, or you need some great content on your Instagram feed make sure to follow Chris, Susan, Arend, Mark, Morkel, Marlon, Andrew and myself – as the say, sharing is caring – and make sure to check out the #wildeyesa hashtag where you will find some great wildlife and travel content!

With all of that said and done you might ask why I didn’t include 100 images?  Surely 99 is such a strange number?

Well, if you want 100 images you are gonna have to check out this post in which we shared some cracking wildlife images from our time in the Mara!

Also, if you want to join us to experience moments like these for yourself make sure to sign up here and be the first to receive details for our 2014 Great Migration Safaris!

Thanks again to everyone involved… it has been an adventure!!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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