A Cup of Coffee and Some Old Images

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As you grow as a photographer you will see things differently.

You will see your subjects differently.  You will see new photographic opportunities.  You will see possibilities.  Also, and yes it is a part of the digital workflow, you will start seeing new ways in which you can process your RAW files.

Yesterday I grabbed a cup of coffee and had a quick flip through my RAW files from about two years ago.  It was great to see that since then my composition and general photographic skills have definitely improved but what I was after was a few RAW images that had potential to see if I could bring them to life with new post processing technology and new processing skills.

Here are the results of a cup of coffee and playing around in Lightroom 4 for a little while to bring some of my older images to life.






Looking through your old images is a great way to see your own growth as a photographer and give you the opportunity to revisit old possibilities.

Finding inspiration can be a difficult thing and in today’s always-connected world we normally start online and look at other people’s work.  You look for how other people shot a scene or how they approached the processing of a certain image.

Perhaps the inspiration you are looking for right now is something you did a while ago?

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Morkel Erasmus

    True words Gerry! I particularly love the blurred running ellies and the way the ellie bathed in dust is framed with the ellie framed by the tree and the dust also “hemmed in” by the tree (hope I phrased this correctly, typing at lightning speed haha)

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