A Fierce Battle

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So, what camera do you think this image was taken with?

Can’t tell hey?

You see, it’s not important.

What is important is composition, telling a story, capturing a story.

As you know I am in Madikwe shooting with both a Canon 1Dx and Nikon D4.  It has been an interesting exercise and we have been very lucky with amazing sightings of wild dog and lionswhich means lots of opportunities to test these two amazing camera bodies.

I will be doing a more comprehensive review post in the coming weeks but for now here are a few initial thoughts.

Things I like:

[list type=”check”]
  • The autofocus speed on the 1Dx is seriously fast.
  • The low light of the D4 is exactly what I was expecting.
  • The frame rate of the 1Dx is unbelievable.  Sounds seriously awesome!
  • The dynamic range on the D4 is very impressive.
[/list] [space height=”20″]

Things I don’t like:

[list type=”delete”]
  • The multi-selector on back of the D4 feels very small.
  • I don’t know the Canon menus well enough to quickly find what I want.
[/list] [space height=”20″]

I stil have two more days to play with these two amazing cameras – what a pleasure and privilege.

Later tonight I want to push the ISO settings up on both cameras and point them at the stars to see how they compare and then, as on any photo safari, use them out in the field in real world wildlife photography situations.

For now it’s time to recharge batteries, clean cards and get ready to head back into the field.

It’s been a great experience shooting these two heavyweight cameras next to each other – the battle is fierce!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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