A Photographer’s Delight

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On the 19 to 22 February, the Wild Eye team went to the Sabi Sands on a site visit. It was a couple of days that I will not forget.

The lowveld really is a very special place. I don’t even quite know how to begin describing the beauty of the animals and the environment. Words really just aren’t adequate enough.

Being there was a photographer’s dream. From mist-heavy or semi-clouded mornings, to evenings filled with an abundance of colour, the vast array of subjects to photograph made ones heart leap in their chest.

There were quite a few times where I had to put my camera down for a bit and just let myself absorb the exquisite environment that I was in.

Not only did we see the entirety of the Big Five in the first afternoon of our arrival – I still cannot believe that-, but also were witness to some exquisite and intimate moments of some beautiful African beasts.

Driven pretty much meters away from a herd of elephants, their calmness and inquisitiveness lead to photographs and experiences I have only imagined. At one point a female elephant came so close to our vehicle, that I couldn’t even fit her head fully into my frame. This was an intense and fantastic photographic experience for me as I could really go close to the elephants and portray them in an assortment of ways.

Another dream experience that will always stay close to me involved the very intimate and loving relationship between and mother leopard and her cub. The interaction between the two was constant and continuously varied from play fighting to pure acts of deep affection. The photographic opportunities were so immense, that the sound of camera shutters going off never failed to be the background music to these scenarios.

From these intimate moments to being close to sitting in a herd of buffalo, last week was an incredible photographic and personal experience.

It is one that I will not forget, and yearn to return to.

Penny Robartes


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