A Quick Break to the Kruger National Park

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I am often asked by guests what I do when I go on holiday and most of them are surprised to hear that my first choice is actually to head out into the bush – again!

For many South Africans, the Kruger National Park is a place where one can get away from it all and enjoy some down time in the bush and this is exactly what I did with my family for the last two nights.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Kruger National Park-2

The park is beautiful at the moment as the orange and yellow tones of autumn are dominating the scenery in the southern regions of the park. The chilly winter mornings and accompanying mist has arrived and makes each and every morning in the Kruger National Park a photographers dream.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Kruger National Park

Yesterday we spent the entire day in the park and saw 4 of the big five.

Amazingly it was the lions that eluded us on this occasion but it was just great being back in such a massive natural eco-system.

We get spoilt by being able to visit so many incredible destinations outside of South Africa and sometimes forget how much we have right here on our own doorstep!

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Kruger National Park-3

Anyway, I’ll be back in the office tomorrow but thought I would share a couple of images from home…


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  1. Carol Bell

    Oh Andrew I wonder where you went and where you stayed. Have not been in the park since Easter and am going back early tomorrow and just cannot wait to try my new camera. I love the rhino photo and have been trying so hard capture something like you have. ……. and the frog. Am glad you saw the grasses and mist……. I just love it……. your photos and the talk we had have given me so much more inspiration …… and opened my eyes to “look at other things” …. thankyou. Its raining here today>

    1. Post
      Andrew Beck

      HI Carol!

      I was in your neck of the woods but only had a short time with my folks. Did a full day from Croc bridge up to Skukuza and back which was excellent. Look forward to seeing what you come back with from your venture into the park with your new camera!

    1. Post
      1. Bethany

        I need to check back on the blogs more often – sorry for not replying. I’ve never been to southern Africa before and am looking forward to Mana Pools and South Luangwa with Wild Eye this summer! (And, of course, am now already thinking about the summer after that — after seeing the videos from various locations in South Africa, am daydreaming about going there!)

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