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All too often we worry too much about the technical side of our images.

Sometimes we worry about it so much that we forget that it’s also about the creative side of things. Sometimes it’s about even more than that.

Sometimes, without you even knowing it all, the pieces just fall together and it just works.

Here’s what happened…

Getting up at 04h30, we set up our cameras for the star shoot that was about to follow.  It’s a whole lot easier doing this with some light so we fired off a few test frames from just outside the media tent.

During my 13 second exposure, one of the Maasai guys that was sitting at the fire just infront of us, stood up and the glow of the fire lit up the scene.

Combined with an African evening sky, the soft light from our media tent on the foreground, and Kilimanjaro straight ahead of us… this was the resulting image.

Gerry van der Walt - WIldlife & Nature Photography

It was unplanned and I could probably find a hundred things that is wrong with it, but I quite like it.

And sometimes that’s all that really matters!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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