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We all love predators, right?

A pride of lions on the hunt or a leopardess scaling up the vertical trunk of a large tree. These are all moments that get our blood rushing!

I have traveled to many African safari destinations. I have seen incredible sights and witness amazing events involving Africa’s predators, but few places have left such a lasting impact on me as South Luangwa.

The first thing that will strike you is the beauty of the terrain. The winding Luangwa River is scenic beyond words, and the many Oxbow lakes, all remnants of the flow of the river, are a huge drawcard for resident game to drink from.

The tree’s are spectacular, ranging from ashy Leadwood Trees to giants such as Ana Trees and Jackalberries. The varied landscape provides habitat for many animals and Luangwa even boasts their very own species of zebra, giraffe & wildebeest.

The predators however is what makes this area so special. Lions & leopard are abundant within the reserve. African wild dog & hyena are also seen regularly and as are cheetah.
The lions of the reserve have adapted to hunting hippo. It’s an incredible feat and one every photographer would love to witness & photograph.
The varied landscape is the perfect habitat for the shy & elusive leopard. In Luangwa they often venture out in the daytime hours, and are frequently spotted out on safari.

Our Luangwa guides also encourage us to stay out later in the evenings. Yes, you read that right! In my experience most guides rush to get back to camp for dinner or some reason unbeknownst to their guests. In Luangwa however guides make use of the opportunity to spend time with predators as they hunt, often 2 hours after sunset. This gives you an incredible opportunity to see hunting predators before you eyes, and also gives you the chance to photograph them under artificial light.





If you have ever been to South Africa’s Sabi Sand Reserve and enjoyed it, then imagine South Luangwa as the Sabi Sands was 50 years ago. Wild, remote and incredible game viewing opportunities!
There’s little other vehicles around and often you can stay in sightings with animals for hours on end!

This safari is designed to bring you a surreal African paradise with abundant predator sightings in a setting that is free of the usual safari masses. Wait a second! That sounds like paradise, does it not? 😉


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