Its Almost Big Cats & Tuskers/Great Migration “Combo” Time Again

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All I can say really is;

I CANNOT wait to get back to Kenya!

Luckily the next Big Cats and Tusker Safari that I will be hosting is in a few weeks time.

The safari is full so if a safari in Kenya has been a dream and you missed out on this spectacular trip this year; best you plan a safari for February next year because the one in July is already full. It is a very popular safari and does sell out quick!

I can understand why it is so popular. I can still remember that feeling I got when I saw the rolling plains of the Masai Mara, the fever tree forest of Lake Nakuru, the spectacular bird life on Lake Naivasha and the far stretched marsh and grass lands of the Amboseli for the first time. These are truly spectacular destinations!

In all honesty, words simply cannot describe the feeling. It literally takes your breath away even though there is so much air available in those massively open places!

I can even sit you down, explain how I felt and what I experienced for hours and still you wont have an accurate understanding. The best way to understand it is to just visit the area.

Seeing the Masai Mara was a dream of mine for many years and I had watched documentaries, read stories, listened to peoples stories and all of those combine do not even touch the real thing.

If it’s been a dream, even if it hasn’t been a dream, a visit to Kenya is a MUST!

Have a scroll trough this gallery of images I took during the Big Cats & Tuskers Safari in February, this will at least give you a very small idea of what you can expect to spoil yourself with;

The wildlife sightings these 4 iconic national parks provide is just mind-boggling. July will provide something very similar to what February did.

The safari will end in the Masai Mara, which is when our Great Migration season starts.

So a large… let me rephrase that; VERY large number of blue wildebeest and great cat action can be expected.

Something that really excited me is that I recently read the Mara monthly report and here are a few lines taken from this;

“The Mara River is incredibly low for this time of

“The poor long rains will probably lead to an early migration and we can expect to see the first wildebeest around mid-June, or soon thereafter.”

So I’m sure I can comfortably say that July’s – Big Cats & Tuskers Safari – will become a full on Great Migration safari at the end.

Like I mentioned, there is only one spot left for July and if a 9 Night Big Cats & Tuskers, “Great Migration” Safari Combo is the one for you, check online and grab that spot before its too late.

I know it is going to be one amazing safari, I’m extremely excited and I look forward to spending many special moments in Kenya with you some day soon.

Big Cats & Tuskers

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Until then

Happy Snapping!


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  1. Bethany Ogdon

    “The Mara River is incredibly low for this time of

    “The poor long rains will probably lead to an early migration and we can expect to see the first wildebeest around mid-June, or soon thereafter.”

    WAHOO!!! Cannot wait to be there in the thick of it all.

    1. Post
      Michael Laubscher

      Hello Bethany

      I believe so yes!

      The last stint of our Big Cats & Tuskers will be the start of our Great migration safari. Going to be such a blast!

      Glad to know you are excited!

  2. Chetan K Jain

    Awesome images.. my fav among this entire lot is the image showing the full giraffe feeding on the plant

    1. Post
  3. Jason Biggs

    If those pics don’t convince you to sign up, I’m not sure what will! Just fantastic images Michael! I’m very excited and feeling very fortunate that I’ll be on both of these trips next July! Keep up the good work!

    Jason B

    1. Post
      Michael Laubscher

      Thank you so much Jason!! Really appreciate it and look forward to changing the way you see the world!!

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