An Amboseli Moment

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A moment is defined as a brief period of time.

Sometimes this brief period in time is all we need to capture a lasting memory. Preserving that moment indefinitely.

This was one such moment in Amboseli National Park where a break in the cloud resulted in a patch of light illuminating a small herd of elephants moving between the Acacia woodlands and the marshes.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Essential Amboseli Photo Safari

I love how the dark skies and shadows in the background literally make the herd stand out in the frame and this sort of rapidly changing, dynamic light is not uncommon in Amboseli.

If you’re ready and waiting for it, it can make for some spectacular moments just like this.

Capture Moments Like This in Amboseli

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      Andrew Beck

      Thank you Bethany!

      I like to use a custom split toning on images I feel showcase the “Old Africa” and this mix of tones is my personal favourite. I’m glad you like it too!

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