Wild Eye - Ultimate Elephant Safari - Gerry van der Walt

Ultimate Elephant Photo Safari

Gerry van der Walt

Elephants are one of the most sought after African safari subjects and this Wild Eye departure will give you the opportunity to see and photograph these amazing animals in three unique and very diverse reserves. This entire safari itinerary has …

Hwange Lion Conservation Safari

Andrew Beck

Lions have undergone a catastrophic decline and are on the brink of extinction in all but the largest and best managed national parks. Just over a century ago, there were more than 200,000 wild lions living in Africa. Today, there …

Authentic Ruaha Expedition

Andrew Beck

Located at the heart of Tanzania, Ruaha is the ‘other park’ on Tanzania’s Southern circuit. Ruaha’s relative inaccessibility means it gets far fewer tourists than the Selous and less than any comparable park in the Northern circuit.  The rewards of …

Mana Pools Extended Safari

Marlon duToit

Mana Pools has become one of the most popular safari destination in the annual Wild Eye Safari Calendar. This Mana Pools Extended Safari offer our guests the opportunity to discover or perhaps rediscover, the incredible wilderness haven that is Mana. …

Rainforests of Borneo

Gerry van der Walt

This brand new Wild Eye photographic safari will see you traveling to some of the most amazing nature and wildlife destinations in Borneo including the Kinabatangan River, Tabin Wildlife Reserve and the Danum Valley which will offer you the opportunity …

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Jaguars of the Pantanal

Marlon duToit

Tucked away within the largest wetland in the world, lies a hidden paradise few have ever laid eyes upon. The sheer beauty of this landscape is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and the animals inhabiting this wildlife haven are incredibly …

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Tigers & Leopards of India

Marlon duToit

Few creatures in nature inspire the way that Tigers & Leopards do. These two big cats have been intwined with human culture since the dawn of time. Many things have changed over the centuries, but our fascination with these two …

Desert Wildlife of Namibia

Andrew Beck

Namibia is home to an incredible array of desert adapted wildlife over and above its famous landscapes. This itinerary combines three of the most wild and remote wilderness regions exposing our guests to the best possible chances of encountering these …

Best of Botswana Photo Safari

Andrew Beck

Botswana is seen as the last true wilderness on earth and offers what money cannot buy – unique and diverse habitats, epic sunsets and vast areas of undisturbed wilderness. This mobile safari journey starts in Maun and slowly meanders through …

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Kruger Photo Safari

Marlon duToit

Kruger National Park speaks for itself, a destination filled with so many incredible action-packed sightings, a variety of habitats and a vast array of wildlife from ranging from big to small, furry & feathered. Many have visited in the past …

Hwange Photo Safari

Marlon duToit

Wild, remote, tough to get to and authentic in every way, Hwange offers its visitor an opportunity to see a real & raw Africa – it is unlike any other wildlife destination you’ll ever visit and the Wild Eye Hwange Photo …

Botswana Wilderness Safari

Andrew Beck

The Botswana Wilderness Safari combines 3 of Wilderness Safaris’s camps in various parts of the Okavango Delta with the aim of exposing our group of 4 guests to the full range of habitats and environments that the delta has to …

Marlon du Toit, South Luangwa, Photo Safari, Travel, Safari, Nature, Wild Eye

South Luangwa Photo Safari

Marlon duToit

At the tail-end of the Great Rift Valley lies one of Africa’s most untouched, purest wilderness eco-systems. South Luangwa National Park is considered one of Africa’s last great safari parks & has the credentials to prove it. Wild Eye hosts …