An Amazing Wildlife Story in Images

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I have often said that your wildlife images should tell a story.

During a visit to the Madikwe Game Reserve earlier this year Grant Marcus and I decided to break all the ‘photographic rules’ and we head out on a drive just after midday.  In all honesty I was not too excited about the photographic potential that afternoon as it was very windy and very bright – hardly ideal wildlife photography weather.

We arrived at Tlou Dam, close to the center of the reserve, and the scenes that unfolded rates as some of the most memorable I have ever had out in the field.  The best part about it was there was absolutely no one else at the sighting so we could just sit back and suck it all in.

None of the images from that afternoon will make it to my portfolio but a far as wildlife images telling a story this was as good as it gets!

The images below will tell you the story of an amazing afternoon in the Madikwe Game Reserve and the sequence is exactly as they were shot.  Exactly!

Our story went something like this…












When you head out into the field you never know what you are going to get.

Some days you will drive around forever and not see a single thing while other days everything just comes together.  Either way, being out in the field with a camera is a special privilege and something I never take for granted.

When you are next out in the field don’t only look for and create images that you think will be better that everybody else’s.  You are inevitably going to be disappointed.

Shoot for the enjoyment, tell the stories and you will be amazed at the images you will create!

What was the last story you photographed out in the wild?

Until net time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Morkel Erasmus

    Oh my word! What an amazing sighting – you must’ve been grinning your ears off after witnessing this. The photos also didn’t come out bad at all – harsh light well handled IMHO.

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