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The Timbavati Private Game Reserve forms part of a group of nature reserves on the Western boundary of the Kruger National Park.  These wildlife-rich lands are now an integral part of the Kruger National Park system, managed in cooperation with Kruger National Park itself.  The fences between the Timbavati and Kruger National park have been dropped, allowing animals to move and form territories as they wish.

Umlani Bushcamp, which is our base during the Exclusive Timbavati Safari, is a rustic, classic Safari Camp renowned for its unique setting, authentic atmosphere, and mouthwatering meals.  The rooms are traditional African Reed and thatch huts that blend in naturally to the environment and have everything that one may need on Safari.

The philosophy at Umlani of simplistic luxury and getting back to nature is enhanced by the romance of operating without electricity.  Although this sounds challenging it is actually much easier than it sounds.  There are still charging points etc during the dat yet at night each hut and the entire camp is lit by candlelight and oil lamps.

The Timbavati, as previously mentioned, is part of the Greater Kruger area and beams with Fauna and Flora with an estimate of 40 Mammal species including the Big 5, over 360 Bird species, 79 species of reptiles and 85 listed Tree species.

There are two Timbavati Photo Safari’s available namely the Exlusive Timbavati Safari which is limited to 3 people, ensuring personalised attention, and also the newly added Timbavati Photo Safari, which is limited to 6 people, making it a more affordable Safari.  During the Exclusive Timbavati Safari there is also the Hide Experience as an added extra.

This is where a night is spent under the African Skies, overlooking a waterhole right in the middle of the Bush.  Whether you decide to do some astro photography, or just sit back and enjoy the bush chorus, this is an absolute must do!

On both these Timbavati Safaris, as much time as possible will be spent out in the field, maximising photographic opportunities.  With small groups on both of these Safaris, there is time for one on one sessions if need be, discussing the technical elements, composition or Lightroom between safaris.

Having experienced this camp and area personally, I don’t think you will find a more rewarding Timbavati experience.  Refreshingly simplistic, yet comfortable enough to boast a relaxing stay, scrumptious meals, early morning coffees brewed on the camp fire and amazing wildlife!

Not to mention the friendly staff and ethical guides.

I look forward to welcoming you on your next safari!


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