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Another reason you would want to visit Zimanga and this morning we spent an amazing time on foot with Scarlet, this beautiful female.

At the end of the day this place is all about photography but to me there is a lot to be said for the experience of wildlife photography.

A cold, technical setting driven approach to wildlife photography and just rattling off to frames to hopefully get the shot might get you a few keepers but finding the balance between a great wildlife experience and documenting that beauty is where the true sweet spot is.

Looking at a subject through your viewfinder it’s very easy to get lost in the tech and gear side of things.  This happens way more than you would think.  For me the whole wildlife photography experience hinges on creating a great image that means something to me.  An image that shows the experience and natural beauty thereof.

This morning we had that and not only are the images half decent but the experience was great!

I am still processing some thoughts on the hides and after cleaning up my RAW files from our session I can get why some people might get stuck on that kind of photography.  There is definitely the potential to create great images but there is still something I need to wrap my head around with regards to shooting from a controlled hide environment.  To me there is a certain appeal in the mystery of not having a perfect situation and having to work for my images.  Either way, will share more thoughts on this later this week in my Zimanga trip report.

In a couple of hours we will be heading out again in search of more Cheetah and Wild Dog experiences.  And tomorrow morning we will be doing the same thing before heading back to Johannesburg.  When we get there Phil and I have a few day to get some washing done, do all the necessary backups and hit a CrossFit session or three before flying to Kenya for the next instalment of our photographic adventure – a Great Migration Photo Safari!

Time to get ready so a quick coffee and then off we go.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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