Are You a Lion Snob?

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What do I mean by that?

Simply this – are you always chasing after the next “big thing” when you’re in the bush?

Doing this often makes you miss many of the smaller wonders of Africa, and besides this it can frustrate the living daylights out of you when you don’t find that “big thing”.

There is so much in the African wilderness that can leave us in wonder and amazement, so much that can provide quality photographic encounters, if we are only prepared to be patient, be lenient and open to what the bush wants to show us. Yes, it’s exciting seeing the Big 5 and cheetahs and wild dogs etc…but there’s so much more.

Lions can be way overrated as well – sleeping up to 20 hours per day.

The photo below is a perfect example of a typical lion sighting. This guy was so lazy he was even peeing on himself without flinching or moving!

I was so excited to see these legendary Mapogo males on that day (cause I’d heard so much about them), but they were utterly useless.


Sometimes, it’s better to let sleeping lions lie.

Here are some of the more interesting critters that you can look out for when on safari in Southern Africa…



Sharpe’s Grysbok



Cape Fox






Vervet Monkey



Bat-Eared Fox


African Wild Cat


I hope you’ve been inspired to stop for more of the “mundane” species on your next safari.

I always say a good photographer can work with any sighting, as long as there’s light, story, mood or action (or any combination of those).


Morkel Erasmus

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  1. Anne

    Hi Morkel,

    This is a blog post I missed for a very long time. On my safaris through Kenya´s nature treasures I always heard that one question: “Did you see the BIG 5?” If you answer: “No, not yet but I saw…” Mostly they cut off your words. Either you get a: “I am so sorry for you.” or “We have seen them all! (We can go home now and tell everybody!)” I appreciate every single sighting of a wild animal and I create the “TINY 5”! It´s the warthog, rock hyrax, bushbaby, Dik-Dik and Gerenuk. Well, have you seen the Tiny 5? 😉

    1. Post

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