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Tomorrow morning I head to the Madikwe Game Reserve with a private client and one goal only – wildlife photography!

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife & Nature Photography

Yes, Madikwe’s famous Wild Dogs are high on our radar but there is so much more to wildlife photography than just finding a species, shooting the hell out of it and then choosing a few good shots afterwards to share on Facebook.

When was the last time time you questioned your vision for particular scene?

Your desired photographic outcome of a sighting or subject?

When was the last time that you questioned the way you approach the post processing of your images and whether the process actually adds to the initial impulse that made you click the shutter on that particular frame?

Do you shoot with a plan or just go for broke and hope for the best?

These are some of the questions I will be working on during the next week as these are just a few of the questions that Phil has asked me. These are the questions we should all be asking ourselves!

It is so refreshing, and creatively inspiring, to get these kinds of questions rather than the boring / normal – what camera brand do you use?

This week is going to rock and as we work through answering these questions for Phil and help him find his wildlife photography vision I am sure that I am going to learn a lot as well and find that special inspiration and creativity that comes from deep inside. Can’t wait!

I am going to try and post regular updates and images to the blog but also keep an eye on my Facebook page where I will also be sharing images on the go.

For now, here are a few random images from Madikwe I found while reorganising some of my Lightroom catalogs this last week.

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife & Nature Photography

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife & Nature Photography

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife & Nature Photography

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife & Nature Photography

So for now I am signing off from the office but will most definitely catch you online and hopefully a few blog posts from Madikwe in the week to come.

Make sure to also keep an eye on the Wild Eye Facebook page where we are sharing some live content from the Masai Mara. The migration and crossing action thus far has been great and the images we have seen from the guests and facilitators are amazing!

For now, Madikwe.

A reserve where I spent almost 7 years.

I can’t wait!

Until next time!

Gerry van der Walt

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