Battery Grip Or No Battery Grip?

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I have had a few questions from guests weather or not to make use of a battery grip.

A battery grip is an accessory that plugs into the bottom of your camera, providing room for an additional battery and an extra hunk of plastic for the photographer to grip.

Most of the grips these days include a second shutter and secondary buttons as well as dials that makes photographing portraits easier.

In all honesty these are nice-to-have features but are they really a must?


Personal preference is clearly a big factor because it adds a lot of extra weight and the bigger your hands are the more comfortable you will be using a battery grip.

The grips are also useful for those with longer or heavier lenses. Using a weighty lens on a relatively light DSLR can cause balance issues and hasten shooting fatigue. However, some suggest the added weight of a battery grip can act as a counterbalance, making it easier to maintain a steady shot.

It will definitely add to your travel weight and that extra size might make it difficult to fit your camera in the bag or case you currently use.

The ability to add a secondary battery can be useful for extended shoots where recharging may not be possible, making the extra size and bulk worth it for some. Some battery grips even allow standard AA batteries to be used in the secondary slot.

Lastly, if you are looking at buying a grip, make sure you order the correct one because they are model specific.

Please feel free to get in touch if you may have any other questions.

Keep well!


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