Be Inspired But Find Yourself!

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Life is all about learning yes?

The capacity to learn is a giftthe ability to learn is a skill & the willingness to learn is a choice!

We all look up to some one & this is in all aspects of life, we learn from these people, and it could be directly or indirectly.

I know all of you reading this now look up to one or even a few different photographers right?

This is a good thing because you are inspired by their work. Weather you know it or not, it will definitely encourage you to better your own work, even just by looking at theirs.  As humans, it is something we will always thrive to do; “better ourselves”. The downside of course, is that we are never 100% satisfied.

This is okay, humans are naturally competitive and will ALWAYS think of bettering themselves weather they do something about it or not, the thought will be there.

The reason why I say we will never be satisfied is because there is always room for improvement. I recently wrote a blog; “Do You Think Your Images Are Amazing?” which will maybe explain this a bit more.

Experiment, Fail, Learn, REPEAT! 

Enough of that for now, my point is that I do encourage you to look at others work for inspiration. It may be in person, by looking at somebody’s work or hearing/reading their quotes and LEARN from it, but do not copy it.

I do too look up to MANY people in life, and one of these individuals is, Ansel Adams.

Who is this?

Ansel Easton Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist. His black and white landscape photographs of the American West, especially Yosemite National Park, have been widely reproduced on calendars, posters, books, and all over the internet.

His photographs are a few of many that inspire me. It is more his quotes that are inspiring to me, the quote below is one of my favourites and is also very relevant to the purpose of this blog;


This quote says it all… You need to photograph for YOU! Put what ever it is you think looks best into a frame.

You know what attracts you, so if you think a particular scene looks good, photograph it regardless of what others say or think of the results. Be inspired by others, BUT find your photographic self!

We all have our own opinions because we are all unique. This makes things quiet tough when photographing a scene to impress someone else because what may look incredible to you may be pretty boring to others. This is why you should find yourself, because then you will create photographs that are YOU. When you understand and achieve this, you are ultimately winning because you will like the work you are putting out there.

You will notice the more you appreciate your own work the less others’ opinions will matter to you. In saying this, do not ignore other opinions, and always be open to criticism, learn from it & experiment but never forget you do it for yourself and no one else.

Good luck,

Until next time,

Happy snapping!


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