Be Inspired By: Abstract Images

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Wild Eye’s Be Inspired By series of posts takes place on the Wild Eye Facebook page every Friday.

It works like this:

  • Each week we select a different theme which could range from destinations and species to photography techniques.
  • Throughout the day the Wild Eye team will share their own images with some thoughts on the image.
  • You can get in on the action by posting your own Be Inspired By images to the Wild Eye page and we will share it with our community
  • You can share your images on Twitter and Instagram using the #BeInspiredBy and #WildEyeSA hash tags too!

It’s easy, great fun and a wonderful way to share some great wildlife images!

Tomorrow’s Be Inspired By theme is Abstract ImagesWe are looking for wildlife images that are perhaps not as obvious as one would traditionally expect. The suggestion came from a fan who suggested an “Artistic” theme which immediately got me thinking about more abstract and unusual images. Now I don’t want to go into too much detail about what you should share with us as I think this theme is open to your personal interpretation of the word “Abstract”.

Pretty much anything go’s as long as its nature and wildlife.

So get your most inspirational abstract images ready to share with us!

BIB Abstract Images

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