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Its been a bit of a crazy week but thank you ALL for sharing your favourite Big Cat images with us over the last week.

I was amazed to see how many submissions were of leopards – clearly these shy and illusive cats hold a special place for many a photographer!

This weeks theme will be “Be Inspired By: Others” and we encourage you to share an image from someone that has inspired you or a particular image that you find fills you with inspiration. This is linked to a blog post which I put together earlier in the week titled “Its okay to be inspired by others“.

Here goes with my selection of last week’s images and then, as always, make sure to head back to Facebook and go and check out more images of the photographers featured below.

Be Inspired:  Big Cats


JP Meiring

Two male lions fighting over the female in the background. The winner got to mate with her. This photo was taken near Crocodile bridge in the Kruger National Park in September 2015


Bethany Ogdon

Earlier in the day we watched this leopardess take down an unwary impala and hide it in nearby scrub. Late that afternoon we went back to see if she would move it to a safer place and were rewarded with the sight of this not-young cat waiting until dark and then dragging it a very long way across a wide expanse of open ground and then, after all that effort, suddenly whipping it up a tree as hyenas were approaching. That sudden burst of power was an incredible thing to witness. Here she is finally closing in on the tree. This image was captured during my first experience with nighttime photography while on a Wild Eye trip to South Luangwa.


Sandy Stewart

This is Rock Fig Junior, a female leopard who is really well known to locals in the Timbavati area. She has very distinctive “blue” eyes in certain light. This was my first great photographic sighting of her in August 2013, with RockFig Safari Lodge. She is an amazing leopard – quite sturdy in build and about 12 years old now – who is very comfortable with vehicles and, as a result, we can get up really close to her without disturbing her at all.


Jaco Marx


Carol Bell

Does a “baby” Big cat count? Have been watching this youngster with its mother for a while now…in Kruger… Just love its tongue and sleeps like that to.


Kevin Wilson

Etosha NP, Namibia


Eldie Marshall

While on a late afternoon game drive in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania we came across this leopard having a nap on this big dead tree. The light was awesome.


Rene van der Schyff

I took this picture a few months ago at Sable dam. I love the golden light all around her body. Seeing a Leopard is such an amazing feeling!


Garry Mills

Leopards are by far my favourite of the big cats. Found this beautiful young female early one morning on the Timbavati road in Kruger Park. Love how the golden sun highlights the colours of her fur and the surroundings.


Manuel Graf – MG Naturepics Photography

Hidden Spots


Jacques Briam

“Here in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, the Ross Pride Breakaway lionesses have a reputation of being terrible mothers. Of the 3 previous litters they’ve had, none have been raised successfully.

One of them recently gave birth to 2 male cubs. After an incident with a buffalo bull that separated one of the cubs from its mother, we thought that the cub was not going to survive. Several days after, we found the lionesses again, but without their cubs. We weren’t sure as to the whereabouts of the cubs, and we started speculating that maybe they had died.

The other morning, while on game drive, an update on the radio stated: “I’ve located the 2 lionesses with their 2 cubs.” We were all ecstatic.

Here is a photo that I took of the cubs with their mother, just a couple hours after they had been found.”


Great to see all the images and I look forward to seeing more so make sure to check out the Wild Eye Facebook page today for more images from our new Be Inspired By theme!

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