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Our ‘Be Inspired By’ theme on the Wild Eye Facebook Page on Friday 2 August 2013 was ‘Constructive Criticism′.

The aim of this theme was to get people to send us images that they wanted the Wild Eye team to comment on.

This theme was well-received and we encourage you to continue sending us your images that you would like us to comment on as this is also an opportunity for you to get advice and tips on your images that you can use to improve your photography.

We believe in sharing our images and passions with like-minded people, and it is fantastic when people share their images with others and comment on other people’s images. Getting the photographic community together is always a great thing to see.

We at Wild Eye would love to thank everyone for their submissions for this theme. Each week we will be choosing our top 5 most inspirational images from the previous week’s “Be Inspired By” theme.

Here are some images and their responses from our fans who have been most inspired by our  “Be Inspired By: Constructive Criticism″.

Be Inspired By: Constructive Criticism

Timothy Griesel

Nobby Natalie Clarke

Patrik Hutter


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Jacobus DeWet

Leander De Koker

Keep an eye on the Wild Eye Facebook Page for updates on the theme for this weeks “Be Inspired By” feature and share your images with us!

Penny Robartes
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