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For this week’s Be Inspired By theme we asked you to share your favourite images of Elephants.

Apart from being one of the largest and most charismatic species of African wildlife, elephants seem to transcend the barrier between humans and animals with so many behavioural traits reminding us of our own human ways.

Here are our 10 favourite images from last week!

#BeInspiredby Elephants

Shayne McGuire

Shayne McGuire

This image reminds me of the toll that poaching is taking on the elephants. All I can think of is, will the young elephant in the foreground get to grow up and be the older elephant fading out in the background.


Heinrich Neumeyer

We patiently waited for a herd of about 60 elephants to come down for a quench at Lengau Dam in Pilanesberg.  Just as the sun went under, this lone cow walked along the edge of the dam and the colours were just perfect behind her silhouette figure.
Patience rewarded!


Douglas Croft Images

We were surrounded by several family groups of elephants for hours on the banks of the Sand River at MalaMala. Then as the sun got lower in the sky they began to file across the river and into the bush. Surreal, magical, blessed, were some of the words I’ve used to describe that afternoon.


Carol Bell

I took this photo in Kruger backwards as I could not turn the car around fast enough…… I just liked the setting sun shining on the elephants.


Murray Staff

Mana Pools


Chris du Plessis

A Brotherly Headbutt”
Two young bulls have a friendly tussle after a mud bath in the KNP.The B&W Conversion,seemed to enhance the glistening textures of mud on their faces !!


Christiane Winje

Picture taken in Chobe National Park, Botswana
Loved the low angle photography and to be so close to my favorite animal!


Dee Roelofsz

Baby ellies are always so entertaining to watch & their excitement when first seeing other little playmates is too cute! – Madikwe Game Reserve


Arend van der Walt

Elephants Early morning at Chobe River


Richard Sparks

This wonderful family came across our path on the Big Cats and Tuskers Safari of 2013.
I love the alternating sizes of the animals.

Thanks to everybody who shared their images this week!  Awesome to again see so many great images from all across the globe.

Make sure to check out the Wild Eye Facebook page for more images and stay tuned for the next Be Inspired By theme!

Until next time.

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