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After all the engagement we received from our first #BeInspiredBy post two weeks ago themed Big Cats, we are extremely excited for our second theme. This weeks theme is Monochrome.

How does it work:

  • Every second week we will select a different them which will change and range from destinations and different animals to a variety of different photography techniques.
  • You can enter your own images by going to the Wild Eye Facebook page – Click Here  – Every second Thursday the theme will be posted on our page. You can post your image in the comments section, please add a caption and use the hashtag #BeInspiredBy.
  • Each Of the Wild Eye Guides will submit an image for the theme and add their own caption on the image.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Have fun!

It is really easy, fun and a great way for us as well as all of you to share your images with the rest of the Wild Eye community.

YOUR images:

Sabrina Piatti – Zebra kick in the Ngrongoro crater

Mandeep Mistry – our eyes are the doorway to your heart!
Rescued and raised by the DSWT, these little angels touch your heart the moment you see them up close. The Orphans’ Project of DSWT offers hope to threatened elephant populations of Kenya as they struggle against the threat of poaching and habitat loss.

Dhruti Mistry – Sea of stripes… the mega herd after successfully crossing the Mara.

Callum Evans – Sugarbird in monochrome

Nicky Aylmer – A lucky opportunity on a recent visit to Polentswa in Kgalagadi . Side lighting on the cape fox gives a nice moody image.

Angele Roublard – I love how texture is made more prominent in a black and white edit. I especially love this very relaxed black rhino. What a privilege it was to photograph it up close.

Jill Vogt – Hidden Away

Sallie Anthony – A lone zebra amongst the Wildebeest crossing the river in the dust . Great Migration 2015

Kerry Mills – Migration 2017, original image nearly trashed as I cut part of the lower jaw off, but I’d loved the intense detail – thanks to some editing help from Wild Eye’s Andrew Beck I have this amazing image

Joni Munsterteiger – Magical Mara Ellie! Masai Mara Private safari with Gerry- March 2018. Best trip ever!

Dee Roelofsz – A re-edit of an older favourite of mine, a magnificent male seen whilst on the Wild Eye Madikwe Bootcamp. I was inspired to try a new BW edit by Andrew’s Behind The Frame Episode 10

Karina Robin – one of my favourite b/w images, a young leopardess in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Wild Eye Guides images:

Be Inspired By - Andrew Beck - Wild Eye

Andrew Beck – Mother and calf.

Michael Laubscher - BeInspired By - Wild Eye

Michael Laubscher – A beautiful setting.

Johan van Zyl - BeInspired By - Wild Eye

Johan van Zyl – Black and White motion

Gerry van der Walt - BeInspired By - Wild Eye

A gentle Giant in Black and White.

Trevor McCall-Peat - BeInspired By - Wild Eye

Trevor McCall-Peat – An intimate moment.

Alistair Smith - BeInspired By - Wild Eye

Alistair Smith – A safe place

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Marlon du Toit – Leopard of Jawai

Thank you very much to all of you who sent in your entires, they are all truly beautiful shots. Keep an eye open for the next theme which will be posted on the 7th of June.

Until next time,


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