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In this blog I am going to show you a untouched RAW file and then that same file after i had processed it.

Have a look at the untouched RAW image;

What do you see?

A fairly well exposed sky/sun with a very dark foreground yes?

An image many of you would not want to use on your social platforms and something many will just have a quick look at and not show too much interest in.

I would if I saw a image like this but I knew what I wanted my end result to look like before I took a single image.

It is very important for you as a photographer to out there and know what type of image you are trying to create.

When I looked at the scene I knew I was going to expose correctly for the sky to ensure I can preserve colours and not lose detail in it.

After working the more underexposed areas of the frame the result of the final image ended up looking like I wanted it to and came out pretty cool in my eyes.

Notice not only how the colours in the darker areas were hidden but still there, more importantly look at how I framed this image.

¾ of the frame is the sky and ¼ of the frame is the foreground. Why am I pointing this out you may ask?

The reason for it is because in a scene like this, it is usually best to expose for the majority of what you see in the frame therefor less to fix up later.

If I had exposed for the elephant and foreground, they would of looked good but I would of not only lost the effect and colours but also the detail in the brighter areas and more of an area to bring back or fix.

I hope this makes sense.

Until Next Time

Happy Snapping!!


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