Behind the Frame: Abstract Timbavati Sunset

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Nothing is as beautiful, or as cliched, as an African sunset.

The problem is, they’re actually a dime a dozen out here on this beautiful continent. During a private guided safari in the Timbavati last year I was helping a guest explore his more creative side and despite the fact that the sun was well below the horison and that the rich oranges were now long gone, there was still something to be captured.

Canon 5D MKIII, Canon 70-200mm F2.8 @ F6.3, ISO 125, 2.0 sec, -1EV

Intentionally manipulating the camera settings (still in AV Mode) to achieve a shutter speed of 2 seconds gave me the opportunity to “paint” with what little light was still available. Initially the camera was kept still composing for the Marula trees in the foreground but, after a second or so, I rapidly twisted the camera in a clockwise direction.

The end result may not appeal to everyone but this still features as one of my favourite sunset images.

A common theme in my photography these days revolves around the decision to either re-present the scene in-front of me or to capture a biased interpretation of the scene. In this instance, the more creative biased interpretation won.

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