Behind the Frame: Demure

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Montecasino Bird Gardens is a great place to go and wander around taking pictures.

A variety of birds, environments and lighting situations, this location really is great to practice the photographic knowledge that you know.

Wild Eye has been running a Photo Walk at Montecasino Bird Gardens every second month since August. This has been a great venture with lots of enthusiastic people joining us for the morning.

This image was taken at one of these Photo Walks.

"Demure" @Penny Robartes


ISO 200, 400mm, f/6.3, 1/80 sec

Resting my camera on the back of a bench and pushing my lens right up against the net that separated the Crane’s enclosure from other’s, I was able to achieve this shot without the appearance of the net coming through.

Taking the time and waiting for the shot I wanted paid off for me.

The Crane was having a thorough cleaning session where it’s head was constantly disappearing under it’s wing.

All I wanted was the Crane to bring it’s head out enough so that I could capture it’s eye.

After many a failed attempt (the bird was cleaning at super speed), I got the shot I wanted.

Be patient and take the time to compose the image you want.

When you get it, it’s so worth it.

Penny Robartes
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