Behind The Frame Episode 18

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The behind the frame series takes RAW wildlife images, works through the technical specifications of the image and then looks at how the image is edited in Lightroom.

In this episode I will be focusing on the use of the graduated filter to edit an elephant image that was photographed on the Amboseli & Tsavo Safari I am currently hosting.

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Very few people can tell you what their passion in life is. Even fewer will be able to tell you that what they do for a living is in fact their passion. My love for the bush and conservation took me on journey which would not only allow me to explore the continent which fascinates me so much, but to share my passion for photography and conservation with others. Be sure to check out my my website and instagram account.

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  1. Ed Aylmer

    Hi Andrew
    Thanks again for another very useful blog.
    I also enjoy the series on “lets process your image”
    As wild Eye, I think you guys have really raised the bar with all the offerings you provide. It keeps us photographers excited and wanting more . Well done.

    1. Post

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