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One of the many exciting elements of a Great Migration Safari is the opportunity to take to the air for an early morning Hot Air Balloon Flight over the Mara.

Drifting effortlessly across the open plains, riverine vegetation and the mighty mara River provides guests with some incredible photographic opportunities.

This particular image was captured during last years’ Great Migration safaris.

Canon 5D sR, Canon 70-200mm F2.8 @ 200mm and F7.1, ISO 500, 1/400, -2 EV

I love how the wake of the pair of hippos leads one’s eye from the top left hand side of the frame through to their position in the centre of the frame. The white water created by the sudden movement helps provide the contrast needed to anchor the shot and help the viewers eye rest on the subject in an otherwise monochromatic frame.

The distinct lack of colour in this original scene made it an easy call for me to convert it into Black and White.

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