Behind the Frame: Mara Family Portrait

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I’m back in the office after three amazing weeks in Kenya.

Whilst I try to get to grips with the state of my inbox, process images for upcoming trip reports, and generally just get back into the swing of things, I thought I’d share a moment from an afternoon drive during our recent Great Migration Safaris.

The sighting began with a glimpse of two lioness’ perched on top of a rock in amongst a dense Croton thicket. Within a matter of minutes the scene evolved into so much more with 4 tiny cubs following the pair of females down along the grassy embankment.


Canon 1DX, Canon 400mm F2.8 & 2 x Converter (800mm), ISO800, F8.0, 1/400

Whilst the lions were far away (this was shot at 800mm) I absolutely loved the repetitive textures that the surrounding grasses add to the negative space in this frame. Once again, the surrounding environment in this image is as important as the subjects themselves.

Had there been a lone bush or large rock to draw attention away form the lioness’ and their cubs, the image wouldn’t work.

Keep an eye out on the blog as Grant Marcus and I will be putting together our trip reports from 2 back to back migration safaris over the coming days.

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