Behind The Frame: A Masai Giraffe

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The Masai Mara and Mara Triangle are synonymous with some of the largest skies in Africa. Recently, almost straight out of the Wild Eye Mara Camp, we came across a journey of giraffe walking across the horizon. The combination of dramatic skies, sunrise and a near perfect silhouette was just begging to be captured with a wide angle lens.

I obliged.

Canon 1DX MKII, Canon 24-70mm F2.8 @ 24mm and F16, ISO 800, 1/3200, -1 2/3 EV

Is it perfect? Not quite. I would have like to have had the giraffe hiher up on the horizon to capture more space between the belly and the horizon-line. Given that there was no way of achieving this (we were already parked in the lowest part of a drainage line to get this shot) I am pretty happy with the result!

NEW SAFARI: The Masai Mara Experience

The Mara Triangle is home to an incredible array of wildlife, even outside of the Great Migration. As the long rains fall, afternoons in the Mara are dominated by massive thunderstorms, providing dramatic backgrounds and some of the most incredible light you could ever wish for. Combined with the lush, short green grass, this is a photographers dream as the washed out brown tones so often seen during the migration season are replaced by a vibrant array of colour.

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