Behind the Frame: Panning the Jump

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Since I am slowly but surely working my way through the images I was able to capture during this year’s first Great Migration Safari that I hosted with Gerry from 7-13 August, I thought I’d give you a quick taste of what we were up to. Do keep your eye on the blog for the trip report to be released within the next week.

Most people who see a big dramatic river crossing on the Mara river want to photograph the wildebeest as they jump fearlessly into the waters of this iconic river. Typically that would be a sharp photo, capturing the animal in a nice pose, or with a big splash.

On this trip, we were fortunate to have a couple of crossing opportunities and could therefore play around with various ideas. One of the ideas I pitched to my guests, was to try and capture a panning shot of a jumping wildebeest. You know – slow shutter, keep focus point on the head of the subject, follow along as they move forward – the easy kind of shot (just kidding, it’s a tough ask).

Gerry and I were talking to our guests often about high-risk-high-reward photography…once you “bank” the record shots, you can start playing around a bit and see if you can come up with something a little different.

This image is one of mine that I think came out acceptably sharp, given the settings I was using. What do you think? Drop me a comment below.

Aperture: f22

Shutter Speed: 1/40 SS

ISO: 220



The dates are already live for the 2017 Great Migration season. Why not tick this epic event off your bucket list?

The fact that we filled pretty much all the spots on the 2016 safaris (close to 100) speaks to how well this safari is received by our guests. This past week proved again to me that the Wild Eye East Africa camp provides a special experience, and an exclusivity that just cannot be rivalled by other operators in the Mara during this peak season.

Keep your eyes open for that trip report, and do keep watching the social media feeds of the Wild Eye team during the next two months as we bring you live updates from the Mara Triangle as things happen.


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  1. Andy Benaglia

    What can I say Morkel…….being in the Mara with you and Gerry for the first week was truly an awesome experience.

    Indeed your making us try new settings and methods of taking pictures of the crossings, 10 full crossings in 7 days!, gave its rewards and all the participants enjoyed experimenting and coming out with great effects. Again, what can I say?

    The Wild Eye Mara Camp in the Mara Triangle proved to be the very best available and has brought quality to a new level.
    Thank you all for giving us the chance of living this unique experience.

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