Behind the Frame: Six Pachyderms

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I was going through my images from 2014 last night and stopped at this one.

It just begged to be shared!

I was truly blessed to photograph this scene with some of our Wild Eye guests last year. The setting wasn’t the best for photography – but the scene was something we will remember for a long time.


When last did YOU see 3 black rhinos and 3 elephants in the same scene?

I know I haven’t before this sighting and probably won’t again soon. The female black rhino was lazing around with her youngest calf and her calf from the previous season – while the breeding herd of elephants merely ambled by in the process of feeding.

With rhinos and elephants under immense pressure from poaching, illegal wildlife part trafficking and human encroachment – these scenes will be rarer and rarer to come across. Can you imagine the sights the old explorers must have seen, standing atop the hills? As Peter Sarstedt sings in his song “Hemingway”:

“Africa then, was a sight to behold…

Rhino and elephant in numbers untold!”


Why delay? Come with us on a photographic safari to an Africa that is still wild, still full of wonder, and still worth visiting! Only by visiting her beautiful places, and spreading awareness of her wondrous creatures, can the beauty and wonder live on…


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