Behind the Shot: Dogs & Lions

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I had just left the lodge with my first-time safari guests. They were beyond excited, to say the least!

Not five minutes had passed when my tracker proudly announced that there was an African Wild Dog close to the road, concealed in long grass. The blood red colouring all over his face clearly suggested it was feeding.
My guests were absolutely beyond themselves! They could not believe their luck!

We enjoyed the company of this dog for a few minutes. It was an incredible start for these fortunate guests. The dog had been seen on its own for some time, and we were not exactly sure of how it had come to be alone.

wild eye, marlon du toit, photo safari

Then without warning, the dog was up and away at full speed. It took us a second or two longer to figure out the reason why.

A pride of 4 lions arrived from the east, clearly attracted by distress calls (from the prey), or perhaps by the smell of a carcass. The lioness leading the pride caught sight of the dog as it vanished down the road but was far too interested in the kill infront of her, than in chasing after the dog.

Can you believe how lucky these guests were? What a way to start your African safari experience!

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