Behind the Shot: Mother leopard and cub

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It is not everyday one gets to see a leopard, let alone a mother and her cub right infront of you and on the road.

I was guiding in the Sabi Sand at the time, and my tracker and I had been tracking the mother leopard all morning, her tracks cross crossing over the road. She had been hunting impala during the night, and this makes her extra difficult to track the next day as her movements are erratic and unpredictable.
See, when leopard are merely walking, they generally know where they want to go, and they stick to a “general direction”. When they are on the hunt though, they move as is needed in order to make the kill.

Moments after we found the mother she started calling out to the cub that we knew she had. It did not take long for the little bundle of fluff to appear, and they kept us well entertained as they ambled down the road infront of us.

What an amazing encounter, one I will remember for a very long time to come…

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