Behind The Frame: Amboseli Elephant Sunset

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Thee are few images as iconic as an African Elephant in silhouette at sunset.

Canon 5D MKIII, 300mm F2.8, ISO 250, F4.5, 1/500 and - 2/3 EV

Canon 5D MKIII, 300mm F2.8, ISO 250, F4.5, 1/500 and – 2/3 EV

In the moment I captured this image I felt compelled to show a bit more of the environment and chose to focus on this specific bull way off in the disance rather than the herd which was much closer to our vehicle.

The angle, and therefore the directionality of the light, was also completely different and I knew that I could expect a beautiful orange wash across the scene as I was effectively shooting into the light (although a a slight angle to the sun). With a 300mm prime lens there was no other way to compose this scene and I knew full well that no matter what I did the sun was always gong to be rendered as a completely over-exposed bunch of highlights.

Composing the scene with this in mind I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw on the back of my screen!

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