Behind the Frame – Boulders Beach Penguin

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Canon 1D MarkIII, Canon 70-200mm IS USM, ISO 250, f/2.8, 1/1250

Boulder’s Beach, South Africa


If you find yourself in Cape Town this festive season then be sure to head down to Boulders Beach near Simonstown to check out these little critters!

The best time for photographing the African (or Jackass) Penguins of Boulders Beach is in the early morning just before the sun starts to rise. You don’t need to enter the beach itself and if you make your way down to the parking area in front of Boulders Beach Lodge, you will more than likely be able to watch as many penguins clamber over the rock faces in an effort to get down to the water below.Interestingly enough, the Jackass Penguin is the only penguin species which breads on the African continent!


This particular image has always been able to hold my attention as the leading lines of the rock surface and the dark shadows are continuously drawing my eyes away from the subject before returning to the highlighted areas at the penguins’ feet. For a fairly simple and clean image, it is actually quite busy!


Andrew Beck


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