Behind the Frame: Buffalo in Monochrome

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This Buffalo image is one of many that I captured in Tsavo West while my heart was pumping overtime and sitting in my throat.

Moving in a slow, heavy way, this beast of an animal appeared out of the forest that we were approaching and started making its way into the open grassy area. With his head held high, he casually glanced at the troop of baboons  that were relaxing in the grass, but made our vehicle the main focus of his gaze.

As he kept approaching and my eye was glued to the camera, I realised with a tinge of uneasy that this bull was making a beeline to our vehicle. As everyone else was still relaxed and photographing the bull, I tried to sweep aside my feelings of angst and instead enjoy and revel in this pretty spectacular moment.

Giving off some agitated gestures, the bull ended up walking  passed us only few meters away away from the vehicle.

I chose to overexposed this image in-camera as I knew that I was going to convert it into black and white when I got to editing it. By overexposing the shot, I was able to lose quite a lot of the background bush and lessen the distraction from the bull. As the Buffalo is dark in colour, I didn’t lose it’s detail like I experienced with the highlights. I was able to bring back the details of the bull by bringing back the blacks in the Basic Panel in Lightroom.

This image holds for me a vast amount of memories and feelings that get evoked every time I look back at it.

I shall never forget that day.

Penny Robartes

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