Behind the Frame – Colorful Sweethearts

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Canon 1D Mark III, Canon 300 mm IS F2.8 + 2x converter, 1/160, f/13, ISO 400

Kruger National Park, South Africa


Most first-time visitors to the Kruger National Park make it their mission to get a photograph of a lilac-breasted roller. And who can blame them.


It must be one of the most beautiful birds on the African continent.  Even seasoned wildlife photographers spend hours with these birds waiting and hoping for that elusive roller-in-flight shot.  


When I saw these two sitting next to each other in the early morning sunlight I knew I had found something special – a lilac-breasted roller pose that you don’t see very often.


The air was cool and made them puff their feathers to keep warm. A friend of mine liked the shot so much that he used it on his wedding invitations!


Happy shooting!


Villiers Steyn


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