Behind the Frame – Heron Sunset

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 Heron Sunset

Canon EOS 1D MK III, 170mm, 1/60, f/5.6 ISO 3200

Photography is all about capturing a unique, special or meaningful moment.  This image was taken on a late afternoon sunset cruise whilst I was visiting the Finfoot Lake Reserve last year. After an afternoon of relaxed cruising and good bird watching, our guide turned the barge around headed back to the docking point.  The sun sank lower and lower and eventually dipped below the horizon, leaving the entire waters surface bathed in shades of reds and oranges.

As we came around a corner on the lake I spotted this Grey Heron standing next to a clump of reeds and rattled of a couple of frames.  There are possibly a couple of issues with this image though:

When I first saw the scene the water in front of the heron was perfectly still, the ripples were caused by the wake of the barge and I would have preferred to have captured the moment without these ripples

Extremely low light meant that even at ISO 3200 I was shooting at 1/60 of a second so not only is the image grainy, but it is not as sharp as it could be.

Pedantic? Yes. The traits of a perfectionist? Yes. Am I over-analyzing the image? Definitely.

Did these issues spring to mind when you saw the image for the first time?

The point I’m making is that sometimes we need to sit back and just enjoy what nature has to offer, trying to capture it as best we can at the time, and to enjoy the moment rather than getting caught up in the technicality of it all. This might not be the most amazing or technically perfect image I have ever taken, but it takes me back to an afternoon which I will always remember for one of the most incredible sunsets that I have ever seen.

Andrew Beck


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  1. Ian Cooper Photography

    Andrew, you are 100% correct, however, photographers in general are perfectionists and that is our problem because many other non Pro’s will never tell the difference.
    I am now goibg to take it very easy at your wedding knowing that we should just relax and enjoy nature…your wedding! haha speak soon.

    1. Andrew Beck

      Thanks Ian, the only time you’re allowed to take it easy at my wedding is when the formalities are done and we can share a beer together! 

      Just kidding, looking forward to the big day – knowing we have a photographer of your calibre to document it all makes it that much easier!

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