Behind the Frame – It’s All About Timing

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Canon EOS 1D MK III, 170mm, 1/1250, f/7,1 ISO 400

Busanga Plains, Zambia


Timing plays an important role in all forms of photography. Its waiting for the wild dog to turn both ears directly towards you, for the catch lights in the eye of a lioness as she stares into the distance, for the perfect wing position on that African Fish Eagle as it flies across the Chobe River.  How many of us have mistimed that shot of the Lilac-breasted Roller taking flight from its perch?


If you get the timing right it can really make an image come to life! If you get it wrong, well, you’ll end up with a couple of images like this one…


This was taken in the Busanga Plains region of the Kafue National Park in Zambia where this young bull was clearly not happy with how close we were to him.  I was so focused on what he was doing at the time I hardly noticed the stork flying past him and it was only after I had taken the image that I realized that my timing on this image left much to be desired.


Be patient, be prepared, and wait for the right moment!


Andrew Beck


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