Behind the Frame – Kafue Jacana

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Kafue Jacana 

Canon EOS 1D MK III, 340mm, 1/800, f/7,1 ISO 400 

Kafue, Zamiba


An understanding of, and ability to control aperture on your camera gives you one of the strongest tools for creating striking images. Whether you are using it to isolate your subject (Small Number = Large Aperture = Shallow depth of field) or maintain as much detail as possible throughout an image (Large Number = Small Aperture = Increased depth of field), aperture alone can make all the difference in an image.


Using a relatively shallow depth of field and shifting my focal point to the top right of frame (over the African Jacana) I was able to leave the cluttered foreground in this image as nothing more than just a blur of green. 


A large aperture is most often used to isolate the subject from a background with the resultant shallow depth of field. What a lot of people miss is the fact that this shallow depth of field also blurs the foreground, providing a natural framing for the subject.


This particular image was taken in the Busanga Plains region of Zambia’s Kafue National Park.

Andrew Beck

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