Behind the Frame – Lion in the Rain

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Canon EOS-1D MK IV, 600mm, 1/640, f/4,0 ISO 1600

Masai Mara, Kenya


Many of us miss the most amazing photographic opportunities by not having our cameras with us, not knowing what our camera settings are on when shooting, or, we’ve simply packed our cameras away because its raining!


This image of a young male lion was taken on an overcast day in the Masai Mara last year. The heavens opened up shortly after we found this pride and I started to look at how best to capture the moment. With the poor light and long lens I had to be mindful of my shutter speed and was forced to push the ISO up to 1600 in order to give me a fast enough shutter speed to eliminate any camera shake despite resting the big 600mm lens on the arms rest of the game drive vehicle. In hind sight, I probably could have used a slower shutter speed to convey an even greater sense of motion in the rain drops in the background as this little guy had fixed his gaze on one of his siblings.


Many photographers get frustrated by overcast conditions and rain but the next time you find your self shooting in these sorts of conditions, don’t pack up and head hoe, try something different. Besides, some of the most incredible light comes just before and after the big storms!


Andrew Beck


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