Behind the Frame – Little Vumbura Zebras

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Canon EOS 1D MK III, 260mm, 1/160, f/8,0 ISO 250

Okavango Delta, Botswana


Zebras are one of the most sought after animals for international visitors to see on their African safari. Along with the Lion, they are a true icon of the African continent.


They are also one of the most photogenic species of the bush in my opinion. The options are endless, whether you’re looking to pan and create a sense of motion, capture the contrast of the black and whites against the green tones of the bush in the background, or shoot an intense close up with an array of patterns and leaden lines, zebras are the perfect subjects.


You will see many photographers converting images of Zebras into black and white which almost seems counter intuitive at first, after all, we’re talking about an animal which is black and white to start of with! Black and White conversions work well as long as your subjects are surrounded by lighter areas which makes them pop out from the background.


These animals were photographed in the Kwedi Concession in Botswana. Adding a soft vignette to the image helped to focus the attention on the subjects as they prepared for a morning grooming session.


Andrew Beck


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