Behind the Frame: One Last Breath

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Andrew’s last post got me thinking.

I’ve often spoken to photographers about “mastering the moment” – and by that I mean getting that definitive shot that stands alone and apart from the sequence it was taken in. That would be the image that tells the story without having to be shown in sequence – but it also refers to the image which might refer to a deeper story/metaphor/meaning.


While photographing crocodiles hunting wildebeest and zebra during a river crossing on the Mara river, our guests and I were able to capture various images of the crocodiles taking down animals as they swam through the muddy waters.


There were many frames to be captured, as the crocs were particularly hungry that day.


There was one decisive moment however, when the last kill for the morning was made…

Here it is:


This was the last breath the poor wildebeest was able to take.

What do you think?

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  2. Derek Evens

    Thanks for sharing the thought process Morkel, all excellent images. True the chosen one sure does make an impact.

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