Behind the Frame – Sandgrouse Chick

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Canon 1D Mark III, Canon 300 mm IS F2.8 + 2x converter, 1/640, f/8, ISO 400

Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana


Did you spot it immediately?


It’s extremely well camouflaged, isn’t it?!  This is a double-banded sandgrouse chick and it was photographed in the road in Mashatu Game Reserve.  Normally when you approach a pair of double-banded sandgrouse with a vehicle, they shoot into the air when you’re relatively close.


In this case the parents didn’t take off.  Instead they ran around frantically trying to usher their youngsters out of harm’s way.  Fortunately our guide noticed the difference in behaviour immediately and slammed on the brakes.  It took us a while to notice this little chick only metres in front of us.  It was using its best defence mechanism – freeze and disappear.


After the others were all taken to safety, its father returned to lead it off the road.


Nature is wonderful!


Happy shooting!


Villiers Steyn


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